Experienced Lawyers Specializing in Personal Injury Cases for Over 30 Years*

*Our primary specialty now is representing clients and their families who have suffered catastrophic personal injuries or wrongful death.

At Purcell & Purcell, you won't see us making promises on TV or the radio. We believe your case is too important to choose a lawyer from a television commercial or a radio ad.

Instead, we rely on our satisfied clients to recommend our services to others. In addition, we don't strive to create a high volume practice. Every client is treated as if their case is the most important case the firm has handled. And why shouldn't it be that way? You only have one case, therefore it is the most important case.

You will work one on one with Charles Purcell and Michael Kildoo, experienced lawyers whose service will extend beyond the courtroom. We will work diligently to maximize the value of your case. We focus on proving liability, identifying and helping you get the best possible treatment for your injuries from the best physicians in the state, and maximizing all available insurance to pay your claim.


Being a good attorney means getting to know your clients and their case, so that you can best represent them. At Purcell & Purcell, that is just what we do. If you come to us, you will be represented by Charles Purcell and Michael Kildoo. You won’t be guessing who your attorney will be. If you want personal attention and experienced, high quality representation, contact us  for your free initial consultation.




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